Diploma in Midwifery Subjects & Course Duration

Year Wise Course Plan
 Code & name of the different courses with hours, & marks 

CodeName of Subjects/ CourseMarks
DM 111Behavioral Science100
DM 112Basic Science 100
DM 123 Anatomy and Physiology 200
DM 124Professional Frameworks & Communication in Midwifery150
DM 135Fundamentals of Midwifery200
DM 126Midwifery Pharmacology100
DM 137Midwifery Practice I100

Total =   1150

DM 221 Research and Evidence Based Midwifery200
DM 232The Art and Science of Midwifery 200
DM 233 Women‟s health200
DM 234 Complicated Maternity Experience200
DM 235Midwifery Practice II100

Total =   900

DM 331Newborn Complications300
DM 332Complexities of Maternity Experience 300
DM 333Transition to Registered Midwifery Practice 250
DM 334Midwifery Practicum100

Total =   950

  Total theory    = 1994 hrs 
  Total lab         = 612 hrs 
  Total practice = 2352 hrs      
 Total Hours: 4908
 Total marks = 3000

 General Course       = 3 
 Foundation Course = 4
 Professional Courses = 10
 Total Course  = 17

Curriculum Design:

The curriculum is dynamic with provision for incorporating emerging health problems and changing health policies as well as latest advancement in health sciences. The Diploma in Midwifery program is designed to incorporate;

(a) General courses includes

1.       Behavioral Science

2.       Basic Science

3.       Communicative English and Information & Communication Technology (internal subject)

(b) Foundation courses includes

1.       Anatomy and physiology

2.       Professional Framework and Communication in midwifery

3.       Midwifery Pharmacology

4.       Research and Evidence based Midwifery

(3) Professional courses includes

1.       Fundamentals of Midwifery

2.       Art and science of midwifery

3.       Women's health

4.       Complicated Maternity Experience

5.       Complexities of maternity experience

6.       Newborn Complications

7.       Transition to Registered Midwifery Practice and practicum.

8.       Midwifery Practice I

9.       Midwifery Practice II

10.   Midwifery Practicum


Upon the successful completion of Diploma course, six months internship is compulsory for all students. The students who will not complete the internship she will not appear in the comprehensive licensing examination.

Download Course Plan pdf file of Diploma in Midwifery 

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